In this system, solar photovoltaic
modules and solar string inverter is used. Throughout during the
day, solar light energy is first converted to Direct Current (DC)
power by solar photovoltaic modules, and then the same is
converted to Alternate Current (AC) Power by solar string
inverter. This power is then fed to the connected loads such as
lamps, fans, coolers, air-conditioners first and the excess power is
fed to MSEDCL Grid through the Net Meter.
As per the long term Net Metering agreement with MSEDCL, it is mandatory for MSEDCL to adjust this excess power
fed to MSEDCL with the power consumed during all the times. In this system, the maintenance is very minimal, as
there are no batteries for storage. On an average, 1 kW Solar system generates around 125 units (kWH) of energy.
This 1 kW Solar system prevents 1 to 1.25 ton Carbon coming to the environment.
Our ON-GRID Solar Packages includes the following:
Solar Photovoltaic Modules (Panels), String Inverter, Cables, Pre-galvanized structure, Stainless Steel
Hardware, AC Distribution Box, DC Distribution Box, Surge Protection, AC & DC Earthing, Lightning Arrester
with Earthing, System Installation & Commissioning.


This system is used to power
domestic appliances, TV, mixer, refrigerator, etc. and where there
is no electricity grid supply available. In this system, battery is also
used along with solar photovoltaic modules and charge
controller cum solar inverter. Capacity of the system is
determined based on the duration for which the appliances will
be used.
In this system, solar energy is stored in the battery so that this
electricity can be used during at all times. Here it is necessary to
maintain the battery it replace after 3-5 years.

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