Solar Rooftop Calculator for Residential Consumers in Maharashtra        
Consumer Number (12 digits)
Billing Unit (4 digits)
Name of Town
Average monthly ConsumptionUnits560
Average basic rate of ElectricityINR/ unit8812.345760000
Fuel Adjustment Charge0.50.52.353.351055000
Electricity Charge1.21.23.364.691450000
Electricity Duty0.160.1645.361648000
Total Bill Amount excluding fixed charge6301.1268.712648000
Effective Rate11.2521010.723246000
Solar Capacity for this consumptionkWp5.09090909090911010.723246000
Nearest Standard CapacitykWp5.361010.723246000
Monthly Average Generation in the first yearUnits643.21010.723246000
Monthly Savings7237.28641010.723246000
Standard Rate for this CapacityINR/ kW480001010.723246000
Basic Cost of Solar RooftopINR2572801010.723246000
GST @ 8.9%INR22897.92
Basic Price of Solar Rooftop including GSTINR280177.92
Payback periodMonths38.71311766797

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